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Ritual Of The Demon-King Belial

The following workings can be performed separately or as one ritual. Each part of the ritual contains different elements, attuning the practitioner’s consciousness to the Nightside current flowing through the Gate of Belial, one of the entrance points to the Abyss. The first meditation opens the gateways for the energies of Belial to enter your personal temple. The second working invokes His essence into your consciousness, making further work with His current possible and adjusting your senses to the energies of the Nightside. The following meditations are designed to successively guide you into His mysteries through awakening and embracing your personal Darkness and Light. The purpose of the whole ritual is to introduce the practitioner to the gnosis of Belial as the Guardian of the Gate through the work with the Body of Light and the Body of Shadow, representing the Dayside and the Nightside consciousness on the path of the Qliphoth.