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The Flaming Star Of Set

The invocations can be performed separately, on seven days in a row, or as one ritual. Prepare your temple in the way you feel it is suitable for this work. Put the sigil of the Eye of Set on the altar. You can print or draw it yourself and it has to be big enough to gaze into comfortably. If you wish to paint it, you can use colors associated with Set and His Draconian Current: red and black - this can be a red seal on a black background or black sigil on red - but the central part of the sigil, which is red, has to stand out of the picture. Apart from the sigil, you must have a large pentagram on the altar - this can be a drawing, a piece of cloth with a pentagram in it, or you can make a pentagram e.g. of wood. It has to be in the central point of the altar, big enough to place five candles at its points and one candle in the center. You will also need five red candles - these have to be placed at the points of the pentagram, and one black candle, representing the Flame of Set, to be placed in the center. It is recommended to use candles of two different sizes, e.g. a large black candle and five small red ones. If you perform the workings as one ritual, light the candles one by one. If you do it as a seven-day operation, only one red candle should be lit with each invocation, the black one burning all the time.