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  • The War Path is the prelude to the brilliant, wilful and ingenious Hitler's War, published lastyear. In fewer than 300 dense narrative pages, the new book covers the main events of Hitler'scareer from his accession to power to the British and French declarations of war six and a halfyears later. . . Irving has lost none of his skill in delivering the cautionary punch where heknows it will most hurt.

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  • AS A RESULT of the terrible tragedy which befell the Jewish people of Europe, thename Adolf Hitler will forever be synonymous with the creed of extreme anti-Semitism. Due to the inhuman scale of the suffering endured by the Jewish population,genocide is commonly assumed to have been his primary goal and the overriding concernof Adolf Hitler. However, the sobering truth is that, although anti-Semitism was a potentfactor in the mix of ideas that shaped Hitler’s weltanschauung (or world view), it w...

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  • The Return to Flandershe controversy surrounding Hitler’s two visits to the Great War battlefields ofnorthern France and Flanders has endured for over 70 years. The first visit tookplace on 1 June 1940, at the time of his visit the battle for France was continuingand the British were still fighting on the perimeter at Dunkirk only 40 miles away. Hitler,as supreme commander, made a routine visit to the Headquarters of von Richenau’s 6thArmy at Wevelgem, but the staff officers struggling with the ...

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